Funky Time Live Casino Game

Funky Time takes live casino game shows to a whole new level, rivaling popular options like MONOPOLY Live and Crazy Time. With its DigiWheel, featuring 64 segments, the game offers an extraordinary experience. Much like the game Dream Catcher, Funky Time revolves around a large vertical wheel spun by a live game presenter. However, what sets it apart are the incredible bonus features, including the robot bartender who enhances the “funk” factor.

This addictive game is brimming with opportunities to win big, offering massive multipliers up to 10,000x. Adding to the thrills are four unique bonus bet spots: Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco, which keep users engaged for extended periods. It’s not just a game; it’s a full-blown entertainment experience that encapsulates the essence of live gaming.

🔐 Access from some countries only with VPN.

  1. Best Funky Time live-stream game show
  2. Bar bonus and Stayin’ Alive in Funky Time
    1. Bar bonus game
    2. Stayin’ Alive bonus Game
  3. Disco and VIP Disco bonus round
    1. Disco bonus game dance floor
    2. VIP Disco bonus game dance floor
  4. Betting Multipliers
  5. Funky Time live game statistics
  6. Funky Time game tracker
  7. Spin History
  8. Funky Time Round Prediction
  9. How to bet in Funky Time
  10. Auto play mode
  11. Funky Time Live Casino Game
  12. Online casinos where to play Funky Time with live dealer
  13. Game Strategies
  14. Payouts and possible winnings
  15. Return to Player (RTP)
  16. FAQ

Best Funky Time live-stream game show

Funky Time is a multiplayer gambling game in which all the gameplay revolves around spinning the wheel, which is controlled by the host of the show, after placing bets. The game is live-streamed, showcasing the gameplay in real-time.

Funky Time wheel

Essentially, the game features multipliers of x1 and up to x1000, each with a specific probability. The higher the multiplier, the lower the likelihood of obtaining it.

Moreover, an additional multiplier can be awarded for each bet, which is determined at the beginning of every new round. The size of the additional multiplier can range from x1 to x20.

Bar bonus and Stayin’ Alive in Funky Time

1. Bar bonus game

In this Funky game, you venture to a counter and must select one of the three distinct beverage glasses on the bar. If no choice is made during the decision time or any disruption arises, a glass is randomly chosen for you.

Once the decision time expires, initial multipliers with randomized values emerge in each glass as the bartender pours beverages. The initial multiplier values range from 2x to 20x. Subsequently, one of the three glasses receives an additional embellishment with a multiplier that multiplies the initial multiplier for that particular glass. The extra multiplier value accepts values from 2x to 5x. For instance, if the initial multiplier in the glass is 5x and the garnish multiplier is 5x as well, the total multiplier value in that glass becomes 25x.

Bonus Games in a Bar Bonus Game  20x Multiplier

If there was a multiplier on the Funky Wheel segment, it multiplies the multiplier values in all three glasses before the game concludes.

2. Stayin’ Alive bonus Game

The Ball-Drawing Machine and Multipliers

This thrilling Funky game showcases a ball-drawing machine with 90 balls and a pay table of multipliers, allowing players to ascend to higher levels. The greater your ascent, the larger your winnings!

Multiplier Levels Explained

The levels of the multiplier pay table encompass an array of multipliers, with the lowest values positioned at the bottom and the highest values situated at the top. The respective values of the multiplier levels are as follows:


If a wheel multiplier was applied to this section during the spin, the collected multiplier value multiplies each level of the multiplier pay table.

Maximum Multiplier Limit

This bonus game has a maximum multiplier limit of 10,000x. If any multiplier level exceeds 10,000x after incorporating a wheel multiplier, it is replaced with a 10,000x multiplier.

Starting Point and Lives

All participants commence at the lowest level of the multiplier pay table, which is 5x, and are allocated four lives on their life counter.

Types of Balls in the Game

There are three ball types in this game:

STOP ball (black): all participants lose one life from their life counter and remain at the same multiplier level as before.

1-step ball: if you select this color, you progress by one level on the multiplier pay table.

2-step ball: if you select this color, you progress by two levels on the multiplier pay table.

Choosing Teams and Colors

Before the ball-drawing process commences, you must choose one of the three teams, each represented by a distinct color. Each team color corresponds to a ball color in the machine. If no decision is made during the decision time or any disruption occurs, a random decision is made on your behalf.

Ball-Drawing Process

Once the choice is made, the game host pulls a lever to initiate the ball-drawing process. If the machine draws a ball matching your team’s color, you advance by one or two positions on the multiplier levels, depending on the ball type. However, if a black ball is drawn, you stay in the same position as before, and one life is deducted from your life counter.

Conclusion of the Bonus Game

The bonus game concludes when there are no remaining lives on the life counter. The winnings are awarded based on the multiplier level that corresponds to your chosen team’s color on the pay table.

Disco and VIP Disco bonus round

These Dance games take you on a thrilling bonus adventure brimming with fantastic rewards. Join Mr. Funky on the dance floor and witness him gather a fresh multiplier for you with each step. While the Dance game mechanics remain unchanged for both Dance games, Funky occurs on a 37-square dance floor, while VIP Funky takes place on a larger 63-square dance floor.

Disco bonus game dance floor

Funky Time Disco bonus game dance floor

VIP Disco bonus game dance floor

Funky Time Live show VIP Disco bonus game dance floor

Funky & VIP Funky begin with Mr. Disco in the middle of the dance floor and the game presenter at the DJ booth. The game presenter initiates a mini wheel spin with eight sectors displaying four directions (up, down, left, and right), and whichever direction the wheel stops on determines the move Mr. Disco will make. The game continues until Mr. Disco falls off the dance floor.

The dance floor comprises two types of squares with multipliers:

Standard multipliers contribute to your overall score. For instance, when you gather a 2 and a 10 Standard multiplier, your total in the game becomes 12x. Initial Standard multiplier square values range from +1 to +100 in Funky and +1 to +500 in VIP Funky bonus rounds.

Floor multipliers double the value of five randomly selected Standard multiplier squares. For example, a 2x multiplier would be doubled to 4x, a 5x multiplier would be doubled to 10x, and so forth.

When Mr. Disco steps on a square and collects a Floor or a Standard multiplier, the square remains empty for two consecutive moves. Afterward, it resets to the same type and value of multiplier as when Mr. Disco began dancing. Stepping on an empty square has no effect in the bonus game.

If a Bonus game segment multiplier was applied to this segment during the spin, each Standard multiplier is multiplied by it before Mr. Disco commences dancing.

This bonus game has a maximum multiplier limit of 10,000x. If players reach the maximum multiplier, the game concludes.

Betting Multipliers

At the beginning of every round, in the extra playing area below the wheel, 2-reels are activated. The initial one allows you to select one of the segments on the wheel, while the second reel determines the ultimate multiplier.

The multipliers can go up to 50x, and if the chosen segment on the playing wheel matches the result of the first reel, the final winnings are multiplied by the value displayed on the second reel. This can lead to incredibly large payouts in Funky Time, even without triggering the bonus feature.

The total multiplier from the second reel applies to both the regular segments and all the bonus features.

Funky Time live game statistics

Funky Time presents an opportunity for strategic gameplay by leveraging analytics and wheel spin statistics. Players can employ two approaches to enhance their chances of winning. Firstly, they can personally monitor their own data by accessing their round history and diligently recording the cumulative outcomes. This enables them to establish patterns and identify trends that may influence their future bets.

Alternatively, players can explore external services that offer comprehensive statistics and predictions pertaining to the rapid succession of specific segments. These services rely on intricate mathematical calculations to forecast the likelihood of certain outcomes. By utilizing these resources, players gain valuable insights that can inform their decision-making process and potentially optimize their gameplay strategy.

Funky Time game tracker

With an online tracker, you have the ability to review the highest multipliers achieved during specific periods of gameplay sessions. This valuable information is accessible for over the last 500 game rounds. By selecting your desired time interval, you can obtain detailed statistics to aid your analysis.

The tracker presents the results in two formats: as a percentage or in the form of a graph, offering you different ways to interpret the data.

When playing Funky Time, it is wise to make bets based on the scores of specific sectors on the wheel. This strategic approach can contribute to increasing your balance over time. For a comprehensive overview of today’s statistics, various online services provide estimations that can assist you in making informed decisions.

Spin History

Many services keep a history of spins of the Funky Time game wheel. In their results, you can find:

  • Last activated bonus games;
  • History of additional multipliers;
  • Results of the regular multipliers;
  • Maximum amounts won by players;
  • Maximum multiplier on the bet.

All this data can be seen for the period of time you need. The spinning history of the wheel and the winning results of the most recent game rounds are taken in real time and displayed on your screen with a text version of the live stream.

Funky Time Round Prediction

Funky Time has earned its reputation as the ultimate gambling experience for a reason. No matter how meticulously one calculates the approximate odds of landing on the desired sector, the spinning slot has the power to bring it to a sudden halt on any unforeseeable divider. It defies mathematical prediction when multipliers of significant magnitude or successive bonus games occur, surpassing any mathematical models.

Hence, accurately predicting the exact multiplier is a near-impossible feat. However, players can make rough estimations regarding the timing of the multiplier or a specific bonus game by analyzing the average probability based on the comprehensive historical data of the game.

How to bet in Funky Time

The LIMITS BET panel displays the maximum and minimum bet limits allowed at the table, which may change periodically. Check your current limits by opening the Bet Limits.

To participate in the game, you must have enough funds to cover your bets. Your current BALANCE is visible on your screen.

Once you have chosen a chip, place your bet by clicking/tapping the appropriate bet spot. Each click/tap increases your bet amount by the value of the selected chip, up to the maximum limit for the selected bet type. Once you have reached the maximum limit, no additional funds will be accepted for that bet, and a message will appear above your bet to indicate that you have reached the maximum bet.

The REPEAT button allows you to replicate all bets from the previous game round. This button is available only before placing the first chip.

The DOUBLE (2x) button becomes accessible after placing any bet. Each click/tap doubles all your bets up to the maximum limit. Note that you must have a sufficient account balance to double ALL your placed bets.

The UNDO button removes the last bet you placed.

You can click/tap the UNDO button repeatedly to remove bets, one by one, in the reverse order they were placed. Holding the UNDO button clears all your bets.

The TOTAL BET indicator displays the total amount of all bets placed in the current round.

For simple multipliers in the main game

1x – The maximum bet to $25 k.
2x – Bet size up to $20 k
5x – Bet limit up to $15 k
10x – Betting limit up to $10,000

In bonus games

In the coin flip, there was a $5,000 dollar winner and a $2.5 thousand dollar loser. In the Pachinko game, two players each lost $2.5 thousand dollars. In the cash hunt, two players each won $2.5 thousand dollars. Finally, in Funky Time, one player won $1.25 thousand dollars.

If your balance decreases during the spinning of the Funky Time wheel and you wish to continue betting, you can access the top-up section of the website. Once the funds are deposited, they will be reflected in your game balance for the next round.

Auto play mode

If your goal is to target a specific multiplier or bonus game, you can set the bet size on specific fields and determine the desired number of rounds.

Funky Time Live Casino Game

What truly amplifies the thrill of this live show game is the charismatic dealer who assumes the helm, deftly spinning the reel, activating captivating mini-games, and engaging in lively communication with the players, who eagerly convey their messages through the live chat. It comes as no surprise that Funky Time has become a staple in nearly every contemporary online casino, drawing in a staggering crowd of 10,000 fervent participants during its peak hours of activity. The average number of online players per session hovers around an impressive 3,500, a testament to the game’s immense popularity.

Online casinos where to play Funky Time with live dealer

We recommend the following five top-notch websites where you can enjoy playing Funky Time:

BC.GAME DeFi Casino

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LTC Casino at

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You can also check out download page for download game app instructions.

If you encounter blocked content, consider using a VPN to access it.

Game Strategies

It is important to note that in Funky Time, gameplay tactics and money management strategies play a significant role. One strategy you can employ is targeting a 10x multiplier and doubling your bet after experiencing nine consecutive losses. This approach aims to capitalize on the occurrence of a 10x multiplier alongside additional multipliers, resulting in substantial winnings.

This particular tactic maximizes the number of rounds you can play with your bankroll and offers a higher probability of securing a guaranteed win compared to solely focusing on capturing bonus features.

Alternatively, adopting a pattern of specifically chasing bonus features can potentially yield higher profits. However, there is a risk of encountering delays in triggering the bonus games or receiving lower bet multipliers, which may not justify the investment. This scenario is especially common in the Coin Flip mini-game within the bonus feature.

Payouts and possible winnings

Bet SpotPayout
Letter (P, L, A, Y, F, U, N, K, T, I, M, or E)25–1250:1
Bar bonusUp to $ 500,000
Stayin’ Alive bonus
Disco bonus
VIP Disco bonus
Payouts in Funky Time

Return to Player (RTP)

The optimal theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is 95.99% based on the Number 1 bet. Please refer to the individual RTP for each bet below, without the maximum payout cap applied.

Bar bonus95.98%
Stayin’ Alive bonus95.49%
Disco bonus95.51%
VIP Disco bonus95.38%
Return to player (RTP) in Funky Time


This information will be useful to players who are looking at Funky Time and want to play it for real money.

Does Funky Time slot have the maximum payout?

The maximum payout for 1 round in Funky Time game to the player can reach up to $500,000 regardless of the bet size.

Who is the developer of Funky Time?

Evolution Gaming is the developer of this live show game.

What bonus games are in Funky Time

Funky Time video slot has several mini-games. These are: Bar bonus game, Stayin’ Alive bonus Game, Disco & VIP Disco bonus. Each of them is activated in the game with its own multiplier and with a certain probability.

Is it possible to talk to the live dealer of Funky Time?

Yes, use the in-game chat do send a message to the live dealer and player.

What is the RTP at Funky Time?

RTP at Funky Time slot is 95.99% based on the Number 1 bet.

What is the maximum multiplier in Funky Time?

The maximum multiplier in Funky Time Game can be 10,000x.

Can I play Funky Time in an online casino?

Yes, the widespread availability of Funky Time and other games developed by Evolution Gaming across numerous online casinos is truly remarkable. These captivating gaming experiences can be found in both the latest virtual establishments as well as the most renowned and frequented online gambling platforms.

🔐 Access from some countries only with VPN.

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